We aim to provide a decision-making platform
for the best-possible solutions of space problems
in real-time or near real-time.
We will contribute to keeping the space
safer, more sustainable and useful.


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Conjunction Assessment

Am I gonna be hit by someone else?
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Optimization Services

Maneuver Optimization

Wanna walk around?
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Launch Services

Launch Conjunction


I don’t wanna cross a highway with
eyes closed!
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Data Analytics Services

Current Catalogue


Wanna know the intrinsic spatiotemporal
properties of current catalogue?
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SPACEMAP INC. is a K-startup company which was founded in September, 2021 as a spin-off of Hanyang University, Korea. The idea was initiated by a research funded by AFRL about conjunction assessment. It is located in Seoul, Korea.

42 is the answer to the “Ultimate Question of life, the universe, and everything.” Deep Thought, a computer of a small planet size, had to calculate over 7.5 million years to find the answer to the Ultimate Question. This is a story from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams. SPACEMAP aims to find solutions to hard space problems better and faster than Deep Thought.

Our Team

  • Douglas Deok-Soo Kim

    CEO & Founder

  • Peter JH Ryu

    Partner in Hanyang University

  • Shawn SH Choi

    Partner in Hanyang University

  • Amelia Kim

    Partner in Hanyang University

  • Misoon Y. Mah, President and CEO of M&K Research and Development, Inc, Former AFRL Program Officer

    Senior Advisor

  • Hee Yol Yu, Board member of KT (Former Chairman), Former vice minister of Ministry of Science and Technology

    Senior Advisor

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