SpaceMap provides realtime or near realtime
services upon customer-supplied input parameters.
The services include the followings.

Optimization Services
  • Maneuver Optimization

    Suppose that you want to maneuver to avoid a predicted conjunction. You want to be as safe as possible while you minimize propellant usage and mission interrupt. As a maneuver can cause a secondary and tertiary conjunctions with nearby objects, a computation-intensive spatiotemporal neighborhood exploration is inevitable. We take a set of your maneuver alternatives and quickly evaluate them to produce Maneuver Reward Matrix from which you can make an optimal choice.

  • Data Transmission Optimization

    If you own a communication constellation, you want to maximize its utilization. If you can increase 5% utilization of a 2,000 satellite constellation, you may save about $20M/year (See the Whitepaper). There are many optimization problems in constellations with extreme spatiotemporal dynamics. We provide the best-possible solution to many such problems through our computational geometric infrastructure. The demo video is just one of the simplest examples.

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