SpaceMap provides realtime or near realtime
services upon customer-supplied input parameters.
The services include the followings.

Search Services
  • Conjunction Assessment

    We predict conjunctions and collision risks over seven days in timeline for all RSOs. The object-of-interest can be one, a few, or even the entire catalogue. You may also specify an observation time window. Data transmission is the bottleneck for this turnaround time. We plan to keep this service free of charge.

  • Trespasser Catcher

    We find the trespassers to your backyard tomorrow, i.e. those who will approach my space asset within your threshold distance in timeline. Succeeding statistical analyses can discover critical information about adversarial activities. You may also specify an observation time window. This can be useful for space security purpose, constellation maintenance, etc.

  • Watcher Catcher

    We identify the objects which is within the field-of-view (FoV) at a location where both are specified by you. You may also specify an observation time window. If the FoV is replaced by the photograph-angle of individual satellite, the satellites which can spy the location can be found. This function can be used as a building block for advanced features such as spectrum interference avoidance.

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